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My car was in quite a sorry state at the time. It needed a lot of work, with bearings to be replaced and I needed to make or find a replacement for the badly worn engine mounts. Over the years the tires have become bald and lack any form of grip ( no point running on tarmac they only get worse) so the hunt was on for some new tires. It shouldn't be to hard to find some shock absorbers to replace the tortured old ones and I have to make a new RC box as the other one couldn't stand up to the battering.
The RC box was made from hardboard and couldn't take the battering it got so it split along its joints. I'm going to make a new one from plywood and I hope it doesn't break. The shock springs are way beyond any restoration and are the shocks themselves tho I shall try to get them working properly again.
The wheels are sound just the tires need changing. You can see from the photographs where aluminum parts have had to been made on the suspension arms to replace the worn or broken originals. I'm going to refine their design and get them to look like the originals.
The chain has never been a problem, the tension roller still functions correctly and so the chain never comes off. As I mentioned before the rear differential has been filled with lead. However I recently found a second-hand and fully working replacement. The front end is fine bar the original garage door damage and the bearings run smoothly. The rear differential structure has cracked down the right side and is now held together with a few nuts and bolts.
The barrel exhaust is in perfect condition except for the thick layer of grease and grime and the engine, in a similar condition, runs perfectly. Removing the main parts from the car means the chassis and roll-cage can be degunked with little effort. Next, cleaning it all up.