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After many emails from visitors I have discovered a few truths about the metal rims. Several people have told me that they were standard issue for the original run of the vehicle. While a chap in Germany says they were an expensive upgrade.
I think that may have been the first time since I have had the machine that the front differential has come away from its housing and been opened up. Well its all cleaned and re-greased now.
The rear differential is a bit easier. The main problem I have is the big crack thats split the housing in two. I'm going to try and make two plates to join top and bottom which should hopefully give it enough strength. I've got a new differential to put in too.
I took off the cage and sanded it down to a nice shine. I noticed one of the left arms is quite bent, I shall attempt to straighten it out. I am undecided as to whether I should paint it or leave it as it is. My choice of colours are; British Racing Green, Blood Red or Industrial Yellow.
The car sat around in bits, for about two years, before I got round to rebuilding it. You can see what I did Here.