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Since the car was stripped and cleaned I have bought replacement parts for just about every bit. I have managed to get two sets of the fabled engine mounts, a new rear differential and brake assembly, some new chassis rails, a whole new set of bearings, a 4 shoe clutch and a ton of other bits and pieces. I still need the plastic RC gear box and some shocks.
My car is a first generation kit, the replacement rear differential housing is not. Because of this the rear diff touched against the housing. As the diff is already filled with lead rather than cut down the housing to fit I shaved off the guilty part of the diff to enable it to spin correctly.
With new bearings and straight chassis rails the front was rebuilt will very little play. On all the bearings and moving surfaces I used lithium grease as it does not dry out. Now that both the front and rear are done I next moved onto fitting in the engine and new clutch.
After repeated tries at getting the engine, clutch and drive gear to align correctly I finally got it all to sit together. With the rear trailing arms, of which I need a new set, in place I now have to paint the cage. I have decided to go with red.
While I was waiting for the paint to dry and in between coats of paint I decided to change the rear suspension mounts on the arms and cut them down to a more original size.
I think it looks rather good with the deep red cage. I've had to cut away a section of the exhaust support bar to allow the muffler to fit into the space without it hitting against the cage.
I have made the fuel tank support from ply-wood. Probably not quite up to the job but it will do for now.
The fuel tank is in place, the silicon fuel and exhaust pressure lines are on. I've also set-up the throttle and brake linkages as best as can be done with no RC gear. I am now at an impasse, I've not got any shocks and still no RC box. The search continues.........
It was another few years while I built up more parts, and in 2008 I rebuilt it again.