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I have been a busy boy, angryly snapping up parts off ebay as and when I can. I have a collection of tyres and wheels which include 2 new and unused rims. I have fitted the original series 1 suspension to the rear and I have a matching front bumper. The first part to replace is the fuel tank and support I made back in 2005. They will be replaced with original Landjump parts.
The engine had seized again, no surprise after 3 years of sitting around. I took it off its mounting and opened up the back to show the crank. A spray of WD40 into the case and through the sparkplug hole and the top and with a bit or gentle persuasion she turned again. Compresion is good and there is the 'pop' when spun over.
I'm waiting to find the front suspension parts and the steering limiters. I have a new chain with links and all other parts needed to finish her off. Keep your eyes open for the next installment.
Well its just about to be 2012, and I've not touched the Landjump since 2008. I think the engine could be a problem, we'll see.....