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The Kyosho Landjump Integra was possibly the first 4WD radio control car. First produced in 1981 and made entirely from aluminum. Driven by chain the car was a monster at a scale of 1/8. The power plant was a .21 IC Nitro engine. It has differentials front and rear, trailing front suspension, semi-trailing rear suspension and a disk brake on the rear differential.
I was given the car as a present from my father around 1984. It was bought in some back-street model shop in Jakarta, Indonesia. It's traveled all around the world with me ever since. Its had a few knocks including someone, not myself, driving it full throttle into a metal garage door which smashed the front end and broke the chassis rails.
In the last few years the car has been rebuilt countless times. I have spent a small fortune on spares and replaced all failed parts. I have kept a photographic record of the last few times I rebuilt the car..........
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